Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to the World of Cloth Diapering!

Baby! Were keepin' it green one little behind at a time! WELCOME to the EcoBuns Blog. We are committed to sharing the many benefits involved with natural parenting and cloth diapering. We are so pleased with the benefits our family has had with cloth diapering and we want to share those benefits with others. Our family has saved over $2000.00 by cloth diapering, that is huge for our family as things are tight with the troubled economy. We have also noticed huge benefits to our son. He suffers with many food allergies, he was born prematurely and has breathing issues. His skin is healthy and he very rarely has bouts with diaper rash since we began cloth. We pleased to have read the studies that show that cloth diapers are beneficial to children who have breathing issues as disposables contain chemicals that are linked to asthma-like symptoms in lab tests. Finally, is the astronomical benefit to the environment that we feel we have contributed by using cloth diapers. ONE TON OF TRASH SAVED to be exact, and disposables don't biodegrade either so the first one ever made is just sitting somewhere in a landfill, YUCK! The earth is a beautiful place. Our kids deserve to have it stay that way, before they can make the decision to be "green" on their own, make it for them, use cloth. Keep their carbon footprint as tiny as the day they were born.

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