Saturday, November 12, 2011

Giving It A Go....

Today a good friend of mine who is a total "Tech" filled me in on the fact that my store has a Blog!!!
With the transition of sale from Kellie to me, and the things in between, I completely forgot she filled me in on the blog and gave me all the necessary information to keep it going! So, here we are 7 months later and I am attempting my first post! I hope I have not disappointed Kellie with my tardy debut!

That being said, I read blogs occasionally and follow only 1! It is a lot of pressure to take your inner thoughts on a subject and publish it to the masses for approval,let's be honest, all bloggers are looking for some sort of approval....So that being said I am a little intimidated on what I should be blogging about. If I stick to strictly store "stuff" you will no doubt get bored after a while, but, do you really want to read about how my kids are destined to be hairstylists when they get older? Why, You ask? Because I am on a constant scavenger hunt in my home for remnants of tiny blades of hair hidden under pillows and bangs that seem to stand straight up like a flagpole!Where do they get the scissors right?That might be another blog topic.

I recognize the fact that as mostly moms who will be reading this blog, we naturally seek solace in the mishaps of other peoples children. It reminds us that our own mishaps are perfectly normal if not petty compared to those of others! So I guess this blog might be a combo of business and play and with 4 daughters in this household, you can imagine where the majority of blogs will land!

So by now most of you have met me or been privy to the change of ownership in this amazing business. My husband Mitchiel and I bought EcoBuns from Mike and Kellie Rosenberg in May of 2011. We have 4 daughters ages 14,6,3 and 19 months old. My husband is the chef and one of the co-owners of deBoer Bakery and Dutch Brothers Restaurant in Holland,MI. This like our store is a family owned small business, but he has the opportunity to work every SINGLE day with his father and 2 brothers ( the other co-owners).

I came to Kellie in August of 2010 to purchase a trial kit for $25 for my 4 month old! At that time we had 2 kids in diapers and the fact that we were spending well over $100 on diapers a month and the double diaper garbage killed me ( not to mention the awful chemicals in them). After my 2 week trial I was hooked and returned to Kellie for my diapers and her knowledge! So, when the opportunity presented itself to purchase the store from Mike and Kellie in early 2011 as a family we found it to be a great opportunity for many reasons,but my husband being as smart as he is, knew how important it was for me to have my "own thing"! I promised to my family that this store would not overtake our lives or my responsibility as a stay at home, I still consider myself a SAHM for the record. So when I get questions about our business hours being limited,my only response is that they are mommy hours, because first and foremost I am a mommy!

So... Now that you have a sliver of a glimpse into the new EcoBuns family life, I just hope I can keep spitting out relevant blogs. ( My 6 year old just came up stairs and told me she has chalk in her eye...????)


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  2. Great job Candis! Knew you could do it! Look forward to your next posting! Blessings and Shalom!