Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Kind of Deal is This?

As Thanksgiving day approaches us, so does the infamous "black Friday" swell of crazed shoppers racing out at 2am to stand in a long line outside of a giant box store. The marketing frenzy surrounding this day has been amazing and deserves a standing ovation. However, this same marketing frenzy has created a sort of expectation on all stores,including small independently owned ones to also have some sort of black Friday deal to draw in shoppers. The problem with offering such amazing deals is that from the consumers standpoint, we are left wondering if we are being ripped off all year long,just to wait for black Friday to realize what we "should " be paying instead of this hugely marked up price. Hence...the explanation behind our sales on Friday.

It is important for my customers to realize that when any product line is brought into our store, along with the product is an agreement signed by me, stating that I will abide by all MSRP rules and will not price my product lower than that. Could I price it lower and wait until I get a phone call or email busting me? Sure. Would that be very ethical or fair minded to other small businesses selling the same product? No. I have to wait for my manufacturers to authorize, yes, authorize a price drop on their product before I can then offer it to you in the store.

I believe in fair pricing and pricing that allows us to continue to serve you with a brick and mortar store so you can come ask questions, touch the actual diapers and build a local community that is proud to cloth diaper. However, when a manufacturer does allow temporary price breaks in a product, I do feel inclined to pass that on to you even when that means you will pay less than I did for certain products or the very same as I did. My hope is to be providing good customer service in an environment that you feel secure with. Now, I can't be speaking for any other businesses small or large but I just want you all to know that I very much value your business and take great care in determining what you pay for your products. In light of the Holiday, I am very grateful for you all!

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