Saturday, January 14, 2012

FREE Diapers? Here's How...

Once most of us who are using cloth get comfortable with it, we find it hard to contain our excitement to other moms! We want to talk brands, colors, fits and inserts to anyone who will listen ( our poor husbands) especially the few moms around us who seem to take a slight interest but not really ready to take the plunge into the sea of fluff. I know about 89% of you have used the line "just try it, it's easier than you think" right? Now here is your chance to get that friend,sister or neighbor to give it a try!
You as the cloth diaper "expert" need to invite a friend to join our FaceBook page, once that friend joins our cloth community you will comment below and let me know the name of the friend who you referred. One random comment will be chosen using and the person who did the referring (YOU!) will be given a $25 gift certificate to use either on line or in store. Your friend who accepted your referral will receive a 2 week cloth trial kit to get their "feet wet". So good luck and all entries must be submitted by 1/20/12!

questions? shoot me an email at*winner is responsible for shipping charges to and from and must adhere to the rental agreement provided online*Winning certificate may not be used in addition to other discounts and not eligible for reward points.


  1. Referred Amanda Nichols-Winn...what an awesome way to try it! They are on baby #5 and will have 3 in diapers :)

  2. Hey Candis, I referred Jennifer Newell. She has a 6 month old and I'm always trying to talk her into cloth!

    Jen Rubin

  3. I referred Soukna Sok! She has a four month old and REALLY wants to switch to cloth. Just can't convince her fiance! We can't think of a better way than a free trial to change his mind (: She is already a facebook fan, I hope this doesn't change her ability to win...

  4. I referred a friend, but I can't name her on here since she hasn't announced her pregnancy yet and friends could see.. I can email you her name! :) She is 7-8 weeks pregnant!

  5. Good luck everyone but Im hoping we win so I can change my fiances mind about cloth and going green =)