Monday, March 26, 2012


Do you have any idea what this could stand for? FWWKM? Seems a pinch obscene upon first glance but let me assure you this is far better than what I really do want to shout! You have SAHM and WAHM abbreviations floating around everywhere, the two seem to conjure up immediate empathy from many and rounds of applause from the rest. What about the two combined? That is where FRAZZLED WORKING WITH KIDS MOM comes in.

Don't get me wrong here, being able to leave my home and go to work with my kids is a blessing, I know this, but did you just read right? GO TO WORK WITH MY KIDS.... This means endless potty breaks, the youngest pooping in her diaper just as I have someone come in and need details on pursuing a journey into cloth. You think that stink sets me off on the right foot with a new parent?

How about unpacking dozens of Snappis and realizing I was shorted 8 packs, only to find all 8 shoved into my printer the next day, of course I had already emailed the poor Snappi lady asking what happened to my missing packs! A ringing telephone is an instant trigger to a meltdown that requires both my hands, ears and eyes and an apology on my end to the caller and asking if I can call them back when my spawn finally come to their senses. There are many days I just want to pick up the phone and call my husband just to let him hear the mass chaos going on around me in hopes of getting some sort of sympathy and just to be passive aggressive mainly! This is serious, when the 2 year old has the 3 year old in a headlock I am sure someone is contemplating whether or not calling CPS is within their moral obligation... As I write this they are beginning to fight over a "pink bike".

Once I leave the store I can only hope that they will both fall asleep on our way to pick up the 6 year old, I have had enough toddler talk all day long and I just want some piece and quiet to enjoy the Kevin Kammeraad cd that is on constant reply in the car. What? You don't know Kevin? Well, then I suggest you google him and see what my listening pleasure consists of. My kids know his songs by heart and so do I.... I catch myself singing them alone sometimes.

Do you now realize what FWWKM means? If you catch any typos or grammar errors, just do me a favor and keep it to yourself, most of this was typed holding the 2 year old who got applesauce on my shirt!


  1. I admire that you take your kids to work! I couldn't do it! In honor of earth week, I'm going more green by ditching disposable sandwich bags and switching to reusable!

  2. Lol!! Keep up the good work! You're doing awesome!