Thursday, July 5, 2012

The End....

I was not quite sure when I would have to write this post... I started a few months ago and then plans changed, so I deleted and over the last 3 weeks have thoughtfully considered just how I was going to be able to break the news to all of you! I feel like I am lying to you all, so here it goes...

We are completely POTTY TRAINED! Yup... out of my beloved cloth diapers my 2 year old is! Everyday I walk into my living room, which so elegantly houses my stash of FuzziBunz, Bummis, Thirsties, Charlie Banana and the list goes on. The stash remains untouched and no longer begs for a wash to replenish what we had used the day prior. They all sit clean and ready for use, the only issue with that is that my baby won't wear them anymore! We are still in cloth at night so I have not been completely forced out of my tree hugging ways, but using one diaper a day is waaay different than 10! So in the huge excitement of  graduating my 4th potty trained baby, comes the sadness of not being able to use cloth anymore, I suppose having one more child would quench that cloth thirst, but then I would have to have a petition sent around for all of you to sign on my behalf and then present it to my husband. If you are up for the challenge, let me know!

There it is out in the open now, I am mourning cloth in my house, but very happy to keep helping you all find your ways into it! So to celebrate my minor exit of the diapering phase ( remember, we still use it at night) I want one of you to have a shot at a brand new BumGenius Free Time from my little one to yours!! Be sure to visit us on Facebook, like our page and enter via the giveaway tab at the top of the page! All the rules mumbo jumbo is posted there!


  1. Aww, a bittwesweet congratulations to you <3 my oldest is your youngest's age and I remember them seeming so young when I saw you last at the bakery with my friend Anna and I was still pregnant! This baby is in cloth now, and soph is so not potty trained lol.

  2. Ohhh, so sad! :-) Such a bittersweet accomplishment!